Return of Muffler Man

So the Delhi elections wrapped up two days back and we witnessed a stunning return of Arvind Kejriwal and his Aam Aadmi Party(AAP). They swept to power winning 67 seats out of 70!

Now even by staggering standards this is some annihilation of both the Congress and the BJP. Supporters of AAP have been celebrating while BJP cadre are looking for reasons and scapegoats to pin their failure on and Congress workers are …….. Umm lets just say they’re looking. By all accounts the AAP victory has sent a very powerful and strong message to both the major political parties in India. The Indians voter is ready for a new alternative to their dirty politics and if given a choice will boot them out at the drop of a hat.

The BJP would do well to introspect and take into consideration all factors that led to their defeat. The common man wants development and progress but not at the cost of other evils. The ruling party at the center needs to understand that we are not interested in Ghar Vaapsi or token secularism but rather we want a strong pro development agenda and more importantly a clean and corruption free Govt.

Narendra Modi enjoyed a huge advantage during the Lok Sabha elections in that people were more than just disillusioned with the Congress party. They were frustrated and frankly pissed off at the dynasty for dragging us back towards the dark ages. However, if the BJP and its pseudo units think they can fire from the shoulder of the PM, then the same fate awaits them in every other election.

This election more than the last parliamentary elections should be counted as the watershed elections in India’s history. One where the common man finally stood up for himself and said – “Enough is enough”, let’s take back our country from these thugs, looters and jokers. This is perhaps the start of a real revolution in India and I hope for the sake of millions that Muffler Man rises to the occasion and ploughs his way through all the muck that awaits him. Jai Hind!

Let me not complicate it any more than it is already uncomplicated :). Ciao

Chennai Diaries

So once in a while I decide to let Mother Nature unleash its complete fury on me by traveling to the Heat Capital of India – Chennai. A good friend once told me there are only two seasons in Chennai, Hot and Very Hot.

Frankly though it’s not that bad this time around. The evenings are pleasantly bordering on just being warm instead of sweltering hot and you don’t really need to use that handkerchief too much. But the locals here would make you believe you’re in Ladakh instead. Half of them already look like Chacha Kejriwal with mufflers around their necks sitting in front of road side fires warming their hands.

Dude !!! It’s 22 Celsius not -2, what in the world are you doing man! A few friends who work south of Mumbai (no I don’t mean Fort) in this city and who have come from north of Mumbai (no I don’t mean Andheri….. Stop being so self centered and obsessed with one city) can’t help but laugh their backsides off when they see such sights on the road. As one of them said, “We would kill to have this temperature all year round”.

What’s also interesting is the manner in which people here proclaim it will be Winter in a few days time and temperatures will drop to the low 20’s. Err …… Let me get this straight guys, it’s winter only if you manage to see a single digit on that thermometer reading. If there’s more than one digit that’s not really what’s classified as remotely cold, so just chill (pun intended)

The other fascinating part about being down here at this time of the year is that it seems like a lot of people get married during the Winter so that it’s cool during the initial days of their marriage (pun not intended). Each marriage here resembles the arrival of some Congress leader to me. There are giant banners all over the street with pictures of the lovely couple posing alongside either Amma or Anna. They then have their educational qualifications, age, DOB, school, college and Facebook and Twitter handle details on the poster for reasons best known only to the printer.

This arrangement kind of sucks because you literally have to pick sides with political parties and that’s no good. Imagine you put a picture of the madam on the poster and next time around big old uncle came to power. What if he remembers those posters at your wedding and decides to punish you by taking away that marriage certificate or annulling your wedding altogether. Whoa ! Slow down, I’m sure nothing of that sort happens but just to be on the safe side here’s a wicked suggestion. Why not put a picture of Rajni instead ? No questions asked and no issues created. Everybody loves Rajni, India’s answer to the hit sitcom Everybody Loves Raymond.

All in all though this is one city that takes some getting used to no matter how many times you keep coming here. But I guess I will get the hang of it someday (hopefully never)

Let me not complicate it any more than it is already uncomplicated :). Ciao’

My first one

So it takes me a few weeks of thinking, procrastinating and a few kicks up my back side to get this finally going.

And what better day to start it than on my 31st Birthday ! 31 .. WOW, its beginning to sink in now. No longer the young carefree lad. Father of a Princess and husband to an Angel. Life has sure come full circle.

I cant help but go back a few years to all those birthdays when I was single and without a care in the world. It usually meant a lot of partying (read drinking) and staying out later than usual. So do I miss those times ?

Nope, not a chance in hell. To be able to hear your sweet little daughter wish you first thing past midnight with a “Happy Birthday Dida” is worth a million times more than any celebration. The biggest and greatest gift I could ever receive.

Although it is pertinent to note that there are some things which remain the same throughout all your celebrations. As a Parsi, the most common being going to Agiary in the morning, having the traditional Sev n Dahi for breakfast and then the sumptuous Pulav Dal or Dhun Dal and Fish patiya for lunch. Had I still any Grandparents alive, the usual ‘Peramni’ would come my way (101/- Rs in a small envelope with a short lecture in Gujarati advising me to reproduce more and more). But alas, all my oldies now occupy photo frames in my house so no luck with any small or large envelopes coming my way 🙂

Let me not complicate it any more than it is already uncomplicated :). Ciao’